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A girl awakes in a chest on board of a weird train, surrounded by Nightmares. How did she get here? Who kidnapped her and put the moon in her hair? Can she escape? And if it's all just a bad dream... Then how to wake up?


There's one major bug: pressing the ESC key makes the game freeze. It's playable from start to finish, but you just have to remember, DON'T PRESS ESC while playing! Sorry! :/ You can still complete the game.


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I would like to ask for permission for making YT video from your game sir.

Hi PalmDSG! You have my permission under one condition: don't spoil the last part of the game. You can show the 3rd room/map (the one that is visible on the screenshot no 3)  up until you get past the gate (which is a majority of the game anyway), no more. You are free to sum it up of course (it's a flawed game but it was very rushed, I barely made the deadline), or just fade to black etc. Also, please mind that awful ESC bug I wrote about below :/ (I guess you could mention it at the start of your video, it would be a nice warning for people interested in playing. Sadly it's too late to fix it now after the deadline passed)

The point of this is, I want people to actually play my game themselves, not only watch other people play it. This kind of linear adventure games suffer from let's play videos in a way that they are just spoiling everything. It's a bit like listening to audiobook - after you hear it, you don't really feel the need to read it. I hope you can understand that. All the best.

Yes.I understand.
Will do as you said

Thank you very much for understanding! I hope you'll enjoy it, even though it's flawed

Oh and please post a link to your video when it's done! Cheers!

Deleted post

ATTENTION GAMERS! There's a major bug when you press the ESC key during the game an error (Actor1.png file missing) pops up and the game freezes. So DON'T PRESS THE ESC KEY, please.

I'm sorry guys and gals this is probably the stupidest beginner's mistake ever, I've just accidentally deleted one of the original engine assets trying to make the game slimmer before uploading it earlier today and now that the IGMC deadline is over I can't fix it.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy the game regardless and if you do please leave a comment to boost this miserable game developer morale.

See you in dreamland, hopefully

- Milk Bar Prophet.